Group Travel to Hawaii


At HAWAII ALOHA, we specialize in planning successful group meetings and creating unforgettable group travel to Hawaii. An annual meeting in Honolulu. A trip to Maui for your top producers. A theme party for your entire company on the Big Island. You name it, and we’ll make it happen here in the Hawaiian Islands. Our experienced team specializes in personal customer service and thrives on exceeding your expectations in every way. We become personally involved in helping you plan and execute memorable programs for your guests.

Planning group travel takes a lot of work and very often is planned way in advance. Your group will need to have the costs worked out so members can budget for their trip. We make your job easier by making it simple for participants to register directly through us. Large groups get dedicated toll-free numbers for your event and personalized interactive websites for guests to register online. Imagine hundreds of prospective travelers registering their pre-trip travel and lodging preferences online – at their convenience – instead of through you.

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What qualifies a group?

Usually, a group is defined as a number of people consisting of 12 or more and belonging together. About eight people define smaller groups, but unfortunately, there is no advantage price-wise with a group of fewer than 12 people.

Why use Hawaii-Aloha to plan my group travel?

We make the planning easy- group travel participants register through us instead of through you. This saves you time and also relieves the stress of planning a large group trip overseas. We also provide personalized interactive websites for your guests to register online at their convenience.

How much does group travel cost?

Most airlines and hotels require a small deposit for group travelers, refundable up to a certain point. When booking a group trip, we recommend planning a year in advance. This makes it easier not only for you, but also for your travel company, airline company, and hotels as well. Traveling in a group of 20+ people will oftentimes grant you the most discounts and amenities. However, group airfare is still recommended for 15+ people. But if the number of travelers drops below 12, we don’t suggest booking airfare together.

How do I get started?

At Hawaii Aloha Travel, we recommend appointing a group leader within the traveling group. This person will be in charge of communicating with everyone in the group as well as the people at the travel company, airlines, and hotels.

What about airfare?

Most times, you will need to put a small deposit down for group airfare, which is refundable up to a certain point. We recommend planning a year in advance to secure cheaper flight prices. The ideal situation is to get everyone in the group to depart from the same airport on the same day. This doesn’t necessarily mean at the same time, however. Some groups find it easier to stagger their departure and arrival times, which actually is easier for larger groups of 50+.

What about hotels and accommodations?

Most people prefer to book accommodations based on the nature of the trip. For example, a two-week-long family trip of 30 people might want to stay in condominiums that offer kitchens and barbeque areas. Or, your 1-week conference trip group might enjoy a hotel with pool and golf amenities. We can help narrow this down by offering to create a personal survey that group members can fill out.

What about cruises?

If you’re interested in doing a group cruise, you need a minimum of 16 people staying in a minimum of 8 cabins. This is a great option for large groups because there is a definite price advantage as well as group amenities. However, there is only double occupancy on NCL (Norwegian Cruise Line). No triple or quadruple occupancies. But, you can collect amenity points with larger groups. For example, every 16th person in one group cruises for free. This would be a huge advantage if you have 32+ or even 16+ people.

Which island is recommended for group travel?

Our first choice is Oahu. There are more restaurants, activities, hotels and accommodations, and meeting spaces, and it tends to be more cost-effective. Oahu harbors the large city of Waikiki, a well-known area for visitors to have daytime and nighttime fun.Our second choice is Maui. These two islands are the most doable with large groups. They provide better amenities for group travel and we are experienced in sending groups to these two islands.

What types of services does Hawaii Aloha provide?

Here at Hawaii Aloha we provide nearly everything that is involved in your group travel trip, down to the reservations at the restaurants. We specialize in group activities such as beach days with volleyball nets, picnic lunches, and snorkeling equipment. We also book catering and sound technicians for large group parties and company meetings. We plan sunset cruises, adventure tours, car rentals, luaus, live entertainment, and much, much more. Because of our local knowledge and connections, we create for you the best package at the best price. So get creative with your group travel ideas and we’ll make it happen for you. Call us to speak with an experienced and friendly agent, and get started on your group travel trip today!

Groups of 20 or more receive:

● Discounted rates

● Special added values such as room upgrades, free or discounted tours, and free private parties

● Ease of planning–Everything’s taken care of and coordinated for you

● Special events-Group tours, special functions, and more

● Great group tours and activities to choose from including scuba diving, golf, sporting events and concerts

● Clubs & Associations

● Family & School Reunions

● Corporate Retreats

● Non-Profit Organizations

● Church groups

● Sports events

● Special Occasions