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How to plan your perfect trip

Discover which island best fits your Hawaii vacation checklist: Which island should you choose?
Oahu Island
● Home of Pearl Harbor
● World-class dining
● Perfect for 1st Timers
Explore Oahu
Maui Island
● Luxurious resorts
● Hiking trails, waterfalls
● Scenic drives
Explore Maui
Kauai Island
● Lush, untouched beauty
● Quiet, ideal for relaxing
● Dramatic lush coastlines
Explore Kauai
Hawaii (Big Island)
Hawaii Big Island
● Active volcanoes
● Black sand beaches
● Stargazing at Mauna Kea
Explore Hawaii
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Hawaii Aloha Travel beats Online Mega Travel websites….Every Time!

Hawaii Vacations is what we do! Book yours with people that actually live in Hawaii. Websites like Travelocity & Priceline are designed to deliver “cookie cutter packages” to save you the last 2 cents. We focus on creating fulfilling, memorable, and turnkey experiences while still saving you money.

Hawaii Vacation Packages

Hawaii Aloha Travel offers all-inclusive Hawaii vacation packages you can design yourself. Flying first class or taking a Hawaiian cruise? We’ve got it covered. Whether you’re looking forward to romantic dinners out, unique shopping experiences, surf lessons or snorkeling the reefs, call us today to start booking your vacation package! With Hawaii Aloha Travel, planning your vacation to Hawaii is stress-free, fun, and rewarding.

Local Hawaiian Travel Agency

Booking Hawaii Vacations through a local travel company is probably the smartest decision you can make for your planning process. When you book local with Hawaii Aloha Travel, you get the full benefit of our agents’ expertise and inside knowledge of the islands. We’ll help you plan the Hawaiian vacation that’s ideal for you.

Booking Hawaii Vacations Made Easy

A vacation to the Aloha State may be a leisurely experience, but a lot of work goes into the process of booking Hawaii vacations. Airfare, hotel accommodations, transportation, daytime activities and budgeting are just some of the things to consider for your getaway to the islands. But don’t worry, you can relax because at Hawaii Aloha Travel we’ve got you covered. Planning unique Hawaiian vacations is our specialty. And because we’re located right in Hawaii, we have an advantage over other travel companies.

How can I Choose the Best Hawaii Vacation Packages?

Hawaii is the perfect vacation destination for all visitors looking to experience tropical paradise. It’s not as exotic as taking a safari in Africa or going to Belize, but since it’s the 50th state, you’ll feel comfortable and not out of place if you are from the United States.  Here are some tips to help you make important decisions.

How do I decide what to include in Hawaii Vacation Packages?

Likely, you’ve taken many vacations in the past, so you should have an idea of what preferences appeal to you. For example, if you are an adventurer, choose a Hawaiian vacation experience that includes hiking, waterfall rappelling, or even some extreme sports. If you just want to relax let us make sure your trip includes the best beaches, resorts, and hotels the islands have to offer. It really begins with you, but we are here to help. We can help narrow your preferences because you can’t do it all!

Why do I need Hawaii Aloha Travel, can’t I do this on my own?

Trying to research the best vacation packages on the web is like going down a rabbit hole; it’s information overload! You can click forever and not get anywhere. One of the easiest ways to get started is to seek some help. Hawaii Vacations is all we do; we’re in Hawaii and have the experience and knowledge to help you create the best package to suit your needs.

What kind of packages are best?

Not all vacation packages are created equal. Typically, it’s best to choose one of our popular custom-tailored bundles, which include flights, accommodations, transportation, and excursions. Our all-inclusive packages are set itineraries curated by our local experts, so you don’t have to do anything but show up!

How much is a Hawaii Vacation going to cost?

When considering how much Hawaiian vacation packages cost, it’s important to consider your all-in budget. This means remembering to factor in things like meals, fees, incidentals, gas, and souvenirs! Many times, people overlook hidden costs and unexpected expenses when looking for deals.

Are reviews a good source of information?

Reviews are a great way to get a feel for vendors and how they respond to customers. However, they are subjective and often skew either too optimistic or too pessimistic, making it challenging to decide. We recommend using a professional like our company for feedback and recommendations. Since we’re right here in Hawaii, we have first-hand knowledge about all the elements and will ensure you choose the right vendors for your Hawaii Vacation.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Choose the Best Hawaiian Vacation Package:

  1. Start by picking your dates and how long you want your vacation to last, including which islands you want to visit (Maui, Kauai, Oahu, or the Big Island).
  2. Set an all-in budget, remembering things like incidentals and gifts.
  3. Fill out our Hawaii Vacation planning tool and get advice from a professional in Hawaii.
  4. Evaluate the options you receive and discuss the pros and cons.
  5. Create a bucket list of activities and destinations you’d like to do, and then refine it based on the time you have available during your vacation.
  6. Choose a package that includes travel protection and allows for flexibility. Check for options that balance luxury experiences with cost.
  7. Read our reviews and check the credentials of our company or the one you choose to work with for your vacation.
  8. When booking airfare, pay attention to flight times and connections. Additionally, ensure you choose the correct airport. Often, people book cheap airfare and find themselves stranded at the wrong airport.
  9. Read the fine print. Ensure you review your documents and understand any cancellation policies. If you book with a company like ours, we provide a 24/7 emergency number to call in case something unexpected occurs during your travels.
  10. After you’ve chosen a package that interests you, contact us to discuss any modifications you’re contemplating. We’re eager to collaborate and adjust until we align with your vision. Together, we’ll ensure your Hawaii vacation meets your every expectation and answer all yours questions.
  11. Ensure you purchase “Cancel for Any Reason” travel protection. This type of insurance permits you to cancel, rebook, or obtain a refund. It’s invaluable should anything unexpected occur.
  12. After finalizing your package, discuss payment options, whether it’s a deposit or paying in full. We provide a “book now, pay later” option, allowing you to make incremental payments on your booking over time, without any credit checks or interest charges.